Kitchen Flooring ideas

Naturally, you want your living room to be comfortable and your bedroom to be private, quiet and snug ( As regards your kitchen, you want it first clean and easy to maintain.

Every room is expected to have some basic characteristic depending on the function it is to perform ( If cleanness is of paramount importance for the kitchen is because our very health depends on it, food being the one exposed to the said space. Tiles revolutionized the house design exactly because they look clean, are naturally clean and are not difficult to maintain. Why else would they be the material preferred when refurbishing our homes?

Marble tiles look in addition downright gorgeous. They would be optimal for kitchen floors because they keep pathogens at a distance. Your floor would be naturally sanitized at all times. The glazed version is stain-free, so pathogens couldn’t find a place to hide. These tiles might get slippery, though, when exposed to too much wet, but there is also the unglazed version, whose texture is not smooth so that you wouldn’t skid. Moreover, the unglazed marble tiles are abrasion-resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about their aspect over time if your kitchen is a heavy traffic area.

Any marble tiles are lasting and hard-wearing. If maintained appropriately, they will actually last as long as your house. Just make sure they have fit appropriately, that is, adequately sealed to be able to resist the wet.

If you made up your mind regarding the tiles to purchase according to the extent their features fit the space to be tiled, take into account also their appearance ( Why not to consider both the instrumental and aesthetic function of your tiles and go for the best mix?

Aesthetically speaking, the glazed marble tiles would look bright and sumptuous, transforming your kitchen in a royal dining room. On the other hand, the matt finish of the unglazed marble tiles could not ensure such a majestic look, but, if your kitchen is in a casual style to fit you and your family, they could fit better in there. If you would like a blend between a formal and casual style, you couldn’t choose better than tumbled marble tiles, which, being buffed and in earth-looking shades, look natural and modest, but, by having an antique finish floor, look classy and refined.