Understanding The Power Of A Resume And When A Professional Resume Writer Is Needed
For people who are looking to advance their job and career goals, there are few things that can help as a tool as much as a good resume. While a resume alone cannot ensure that a person will get that new job or career boost they are looking for, the chances of landing a better job or advancing a career with a good resume writing company in houston is far better than without one. By contrast, having a poorly created resume can be a significant deterrent for a company choosing to hire someone.
A well written resume outlines in details what a person’s experience is in a given field and presents that information in a very positive light. While a resume should not be over inflated, a well written presentation of the facts can make all the difference in the world in how a person is perceived for a new position.

The written word is a powerful tool and how a person is presented to a hiring company, agency or client is an essential part of the hiring person’s decision. That is why creating a good resume is like having an essential instrument in career advancement.

Creating A Good Resume

Even people who do not have an extensive work or education background can create a good and thorough resume. The most important aspect is taking the work and education background and presenting it in a positive light. This is best done by presenting it in a well written and well thought up format that accentuates the most important work or education experience for the position being applied for.

The One Page And Two Page Resume Formats

There are several different resume styles one of which is a single page resume. This can be good if you are looking to present a condensed amount of information in a resume for a specific job. When seeking out a position where the content of information given should be more extensive than a full resume should be drafted. These two different styles of resumes serve different purposes.

While many professionals recommend a one-page condensed resume works best, there are certainly plenty of occasions when a two-page resume can be a viable and necessary presentation. If the position you are being considered for requires you to show an extensive amount of experience or diversification of employment, and you are over the age of 40, then a two-page resume may be pertinent to getting the position you are seeking.

The best way to identify what type of resume is needed is to consider what the potential hiring company would be looking for in an applicant. The primary reason people recommend a one-page resume is so that the hiring company has a one-page document to examine and quickly brief during the hiring process and interview.

A one-page presentation can make it easy for a hiring company to pick out and find the key points they wish to discuss and focus on during an interview. Additionally, a one-page resume is easy to review quickly when the hiring person is reviewing dozens or in some cases hundreds of potential candidates for a position.

By contrast, for a company that is looking to gain as much information on a person they are considering for a position, then a two-page resume would be best. The good news is that having both types of resumes allows you to choose what format best suits a particular position being sought.